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Jal Gua – Sales Position

Jal Gua – Sales Position
February 18, 2016 Jal Gua

Wellington County/Toronto area


Jal Gua is an instant powder super food created by former child soldier and international hip hop artist Emmanuel Jal. Jal Gua contains a blend of two staple African ingredients: sorghum and moringa. It is high in iron and an excellent source of Vitamin C. Jal Gua contains 7 essential nutrients: iron, copper, phosphorus, calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C and Fiber. Jal Gua is made of organic ingredients. It is a gluten free product.

Jal Gua is a vehicle for change in every sense of the word it is a booster of healthy energy in the consumers who are drivers of change. Peaceful Body = A Peaceful Mind.

Jal Gua was created at a time when Emmanuel Jal was focusing on the root cause of his high blood pressure, early symptoms of diabetes and the intense fatigue he felt on tour. He developed Jal Gua to combat these ailments and the results were tremendous. His blood pressured lowered, he had energy to perform and felt revitalized and rejuvenated.

Jal Gua as a food product was brought to fruition with the help of team leaders and food-scientists including Susan Paekau and Amy Proulx of MaRS and Niagara College.

Sorghum and Moringa are two staple ingredients in the African diet. Traditionally used to provide energy and nourishment to cattle farmers, field workers, working mothers and school children – the ingredients found in Jal Gua give consumers more than enough energy to accomplish their daily goals. Jal Gua is ideal for: busy professionals, moms on the go, athletes, weight management, students and global change makers! It can be taken raw mixed with water or used in smoothies, yogurt or soups!

WHAT YOU’LL DO: Sales Position

Main Job: help increasing sales at Jal Gua

  • Increase the sales in short period of time
  • Researching opportunities in our Market place, food gurus, influencers of healthy eaters and finding the hang out points for healthy food lovers and market opportunity for Jal Gua
  • Learning to listen to wind, the waves and the songs of the environment and looking out for possible cross marketing or partnerships,
  • help work with social media team and the publicist or advice on potential opportunities.
  • set up potential distribution channels with gyms, clinics, yoga studios, naturopaths, juice bars, or health stores etc.
  • Working on setting up Jal Gua tours (gyms, yoga studios, clubs, clinics etc) and working with team to align schools, colleges, and universities, to increase sales and awareness
  • Attend important events/network


  • A total hustler. Able to eat a whole elephant, can dance with hyenas, lions and does not give in to pressure, you eat pressure in difficult environment.
  • A problem-solver, knows how to control their emotions.
  • Self motivated diverse and organized
  • Must know how to drive with a drivers license
  • Fired up about Jal Gua, you are ready to live, eat and breathe Jal Gua, spreading the love to everyone you encounter
  • Must be ready to increase sales within a short period of time and learn what bring us the most income and maximise the opportunity.


  • 1+ years of sales or marketing or operations management experience (or related).
  • Experience creating, executing, and tracking a marketing plan.
  • Successfully executed business development opportunities and negotiating distribution and partnerships.
  • Knowledge in food business would be a bonus
  • BA degree in business, sales and marketing (MBA a-plus). This would be a bonus


Bonus when plans are well executed and sales have increased


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