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Eat and Feed

Find out more about how Jal Gua helps

Jal Gua directly impacts feeding and educational programs in East Africa through the Eat and Feed initiative.

For every package of Jal Gua sold we donate 5% of the profits to Gua Africa – a charity founded by Emmanuel Jal


Gua Africa promotes education in Eastern Africa through academic sponsorships to refugees who have survived war and genocide. Gua Africa links each student with sponsors from around the world who pay their academic fees. Many are now progressing into further education in order to give them a profession with which they can sustain themselves in the future. In addition, Gua Africa provides continual pastoral support including helping reunite the students with their surviving family members.

Funds donated by Jal Gua will be used to cover costs of feeding all the students within the Survivors of War Programme. On average Gua Africa spends $100 per month on each student’s food. Currently this comes from the charity’s general funds.

More info here: Gua Africa