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Jal Gua with Cereal

Jal Gua with Cereal
July 13, 2015 admin

1 teaspoon of Jal Gua sprinkled on top of cereal
4 table-spoons of gluten- free Oatmeal
Half a cup of hot milk/cold milk (cow, almond milk, coconut or soya mik)
1 teaspoon of raisins
1 teaspoon of honey

Makes one serving
Add fruits and nuts as desired

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  1. Charlene Shuman 4 years ago

    Having a hard time finding recipes other than a few ! I bought your product in caledon east I saw you there on sat went back to buy it on Monday love it just would like more recipes !!!

    • Jal Gua admin 4 years ago

      Hello Charlene! Thanks for supporting Jal Gua and glad you are enjoying the product. We have a few recipes on the website, but Jal Gua can also be added to soups, salads, put in tea, etc. You can get very creative with Jal Gua and just add to to almost anything
      If you would like more ideas, please email We are also looking to eventually have a recipe book 🙂

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